Storm Damage Photo Gallery


On Route to Texas

Our Disaster Recovery Team is mobilizing to Texas to assist those in need. SERVPRO franchises have been activated and hundreds of crews are responding to snow storm affected regions. You can always count on SERVPRO for emergency storm damage services!

SERVPRO semi in Hurricane Delta

Hurricane Delta

Our Disaster Recovery Team was called into action this past week to help those on the ground in Louisiana who had been affected by Hurricane Delta.

SERVPRO jeep and semi outside of church

Church Storm Damage

Our Disaster Recovery Team is helping restore a church in Lake Charles, LA after suffering damage from Hurricane Laura.

When the storm rolls out, we roll in. You can always count on us to be ready to help!

Two SERVPRO vehicles outside of damaged building

Commercial Restoration

Our team is out in Lake Charles to help make storm damage from Hurricane Laura "Like it never even happened." 

DRT vehicle in Lake Charles, LA

Hurricane Laura

Our team has been out in Lake Charles, LA to help communities recover from the devastating Hurricane Laura.

When disaster strikes, you can always count on us!

SERVPRO starting restoration process outside of church

Here to Help Restore

This church was severely damaged after the Midwest Derecho went through Cedar Rapids, Iowa. SERVPRO quickly came and the restoration process to make it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO vehicle outside damaged building

Derecho Damage

Our crew headed to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to help restore communities after a derecho severe thunderstorm.

No matter the disaster, our team is ready to respond. We are always here to help.

Commercial roof that collapsed from storm damage

Roof Damage? We Are Here to Help!

A suppression system broke in this 100,000 sq. ft. commercial building, causing water to rush inside for 6 hours. They called SERVPRO in to perform our emergency services to make it "Like it never even happened." 

DRT semi outside commercial building

No Disaster Is Too Big!

The SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team can provide help whether you're dealing with a tornado, hurricane, blizzard or flood. Recent mobilizations of the Catastrophic Storm Response Teams include:

  • 2020 Midland Floods
  • 2019 Hurricane Dorian
  • 2018 Hurricane Florence
  • 2018 Hurricane Michael
  • 2017 California wildfires
  • 2017 Hurricane Irma
  • 2017 Hurricane Harvey
  • 2016 Hurricane Matthew
  • 2015 Carolina floods
  • 2014 Polar Vortex
  • 2012 Sandy
  • 2010 Nashville floods
  • 2008 Ike
  • 2007 Chicago floods
  • 2007 Ohio floods
  • 2007 California wildfires
  • 2005 Katrina/Wilma/Rita
SERVPRO jeep in floodwater

Mid-Michigan Floods

Our team is continuing to help restore Mid-Michigan after the devastating 500-year-flood. Floodwaters overtook two dams in the Midland area and forced 10,000 residents to evacuate their home. Many homes and businesses have experienced severe water damage. Our hearts are with Midland and are here to help make it "Like it never even happened."

Flood terminology

Flood Terminology

Preparedness includes knowing the weather terms in regards to flooding. 

Flood Warning: Flooding is occurring or will occur soon; if advised to evacuate, do so immediately. It is recommended to find high ground.

Flash Flood Warning: A flash flood is occurring; seek higher ground on foot immediately.

Flood Watch: Flooding is possible.  Listen to weather radio, commercial radio, or TV for information.

Flash Flood Watch: Flash flooding is possible.  Be prepared to move to higher ground; listen to weather radio, commercial radio, or TV for information.

Twenty-plus SERVPRO workers staging outside of large SERVPRO semis and trucks during storm event

National Storm Response

Day or night, SERVPRO of Romulus is standing by to help on any size loss. Pictured above is a large-loss crew staging for a storm event in our region. No matter the time, no matter the size of loss, and no matter the place, we can be there when needed to make it "Like it never even happened." 

Text comparison of the terms "Advisory," "Watch," and "Warning"

Severe Weather Terminology

Being aware of the differences between the terms "storm advisory," "watch," and "warning" can be very beneficial and informative when deciding how to respond to hazardous weather conditions. From all of us at SERVPRO of Romulus - please stay informed and stay safe. Local weather advisories can be crucial in times of storm, always be sure to listen and follow directions when broadcast by your local authorities. 

Faster to Any Size Disaster

Our crew has had the benefit of comprehensive SERVPRO and IICRC training programs in addition to years of experience responding to pipe bursts, home fires and septic backups in the Detroit area. Our office staff are available to answer your questions, work with your insurance company and help guide you through the restoration process. We work together as a team to help make your home or business "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO has your back through a storm!

SERVPRO of Romulus/Taylor doesn't just clean and restore the inside of your home. If you have fire or storm damage, we can help fix the any part of your home that's damaged.

  Flooded town down area after a hurricane hit

Storm Damage - Romulus SERVPRO Sends Help

The Storm Damage Team from the Romulus/Taylor SERVPRO Franchise traveled to New Jersey to help co-ordinate the storm damage restoration needed in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  As you can see this business was badly damaged by the flood waters. Ground water entering a structure from a flood must be considered grossly contaminated.  Generally storm flooding requires that affected porous materials inside a building must be removed. Less porous, or non-porous surfaces, such as concrete floors and the metal studs shown in the photo above, can usually be saved and cleaned to a sanitary level. Water entering a Whatever the disaster, call SERVPRO!